Skin Changer

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Reviewer: Katarr (Signed)
24 Mar 2018 23:46

And the plot thickens!  Dun, Duh, Duhhhh!

So far, this seems to becoming together nicely.  I was surprised to see Astrid standing up and approving of Anna to court Elsa.  That's only because she didn't seem to do so for the last seven years with the King.  It was either that, or she's been giving it her all for the that time period, and without it, Elsa's life would be even worse.

I think I would have liked to see the fight with Maddox go a little longer, if for no other reason to establish the Anna plays in a different league than the guards.  The subsequent conversation with Uthar was fun.  I especially liekd how Elsa froze his sword in place.  It shows a great deal of control with little effort.  Now, you just need to let Anna finish explaining to Elsa about "the cat".

Oh, I did notice a couple of inconsistencies in the story.  Not sure if they were intended or not:

  • You refered to both Maddox and Uthar as "Captain of the Guard".
  • The mysterious bad guy said Maddox's arm was broken, when it was actually his knee.

Glad to see this story on EFFA.  I am looking forward to seeing it hit 40 chapters!

Author's Response:

Thanks for the review!

Hopefully Ill make Asta's actions make more sense later.

Astrid though is another character that I have yet to introduce.  But she is comming soon.

Maddox and Uthar are refered to as Captain of the guard for the simple reason as they both are.  Maddox was captain of Elsa's honor guard where Uthar is captain of the castle guard / kings guard.  Elsa's staff was created to give her something to manage the day to day operations of so shes used to that before getting chucked into the deepend with a kingdom to govern.

I did fix the knee referance thank you for the catch.

Chapter 7: Commitment
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