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Reviewer: Katarr (Signed)
13 Jul 2018 17:12

DAMN!!  What a great chapter.  I had absolutely no idea how you were going to tackle the shooting, and instead of take the external view, you flipped it on it's ear and took Merida's view.  That was, really, really, really cool.

If I read this correctly, it looks like Mer's assailant was already identified as a mentally ill janitor that overheard something and took it wrong.  That sort of actually makes sense, but still, Saf needs to kick the crap out of her parents.  Just sayin.

So, so sweet!

You Got It
Reviewer: Katarr (Signed)
08 Jul 2018 19:10


I did not see the story turning that dark.  For someone to have taken that extreme of an action, Saf’s parents must have told one hell of a story with zero basis in fact.

All I can say is that Merida had better be okay.  This is going to turn the whole crew upside down. I can’t even imagine the hellstorm Saf is going to give her parents.

Author's Response:

Yeah I can't imagine what Saf is going to say... but I really can't imagine what she's going to do


I'm hoping she will clue me in one of these days so I can break this little writer's block haha

Just You
Reviewer: Katarr (Signed)
01 Jul 2018 22:32

Wow!  Just fucking..... wow

Just so much going on in this chapter; lots of parts coming together all at once.  I pretty much loved all of it, although the Merida and Saffron storyline is getting scary.  I worry for Merida - she really has nothing to feel guilty about.  Saf's parents though might have gone a bit over the line, and should have been smart enough to listen to thier daughter and not jump to conclusions.  Relatively speaking, it was actually a little depressing because all the other story lines focused on how so many of the other characters are healing... Sarah, Rapunzel, Lynsey and especially Anna.

As for the end of the chapter?  Well, I definately didn't see it coming about that way, yet it totally worked.  Felt very organic.  Elsa has made a lot of progress towards accepting herself as a sexual person.  It will be very interesting to see where that goes, not just between her and Anna, but how it manifests with the three girls together.

Yet another killer chapter, and so far left to go yet.  You wouldn't believe how much I look forward to every update.

Sleepy Kissy
Reviewer: matjojo (Signed)
18 Jun 2018 04:15

Oh no! Poor Sarah! And poor Elsie too, having to watch Anna in that cute piece of armour the whole day.
Out of interest, are we going to hear more about the backstory of what happened to Sarah's hand? 

I'm looking forward to Elsa and Anna continuing their night together. ( ͡° ͜– ͡°)

Also, I kind-of randomly thought about the description of this story: "Elsa, Anna, and Rapunzel. Every step they took alone led them to that same table in that same restaurant...together. Friends, sisters, cousins, and lovers." Are you planning to eventually put this explicitly into the story or will it always be a descriptor for all the times the girls go to a restaurant together?

Anyways like always I'm still really enjoying the story, keep up the good work.

Author's Response:

yep yep, we'll find out how it happened

and yep, Anna and Elsa really needed some quiet time together, which they'll probably get more of after they get back home


hmm hmm will be in the story some day

Reviewer: Katarr (Signed)
12 Jun 2018 19:42

So, you finish drablles and come back with this?  Wow, what a great chapter!  I am not sure why exactly, but I really love it.  You covered a lot of great ground here, although I will admit I don't like the turn the story is taking with Merida.  I don't thnk that there was anywhere near enough issues with Saf's breakdown that her parents would immediate leap to that conclusion, let alone spread the story to the point that people are throwing bricks through windows.

By the way, four months... Elsa and Anna alone in the penthouse all weekend?  I think it's time already!

As usual, your killing it!



Author's Response:

yeah, what happens next with merida is honestly sort of up in the air right now. much like the 'real life consequences of incest', I was always on the fence about how 'true to life' the potential consequences could be for suspected inappropriate behavior with a minor. I can say for sure that how word spread from saf's parents, through other people, and to the 'vandalizer'...there's a very good chance the message was twisted/altered somewhat as it got passed along. Like that game where you send a whisper down a line and see how much it changed by the end of the line.

how much would saf's parents tell melanie's parents, just in the sake of 'concerned parents informing other parents just in case'. Did they really give melanie's parents specifics, or is saf just assuming that because she's making some logical leaps?

actually wait wait, it JUST came to me where I'm gonna go next with that, lmfao. like, JUST NOW. XD

oh god




Dragons and Braces and Bricks
Reviewer: Punzelsanna (Signed)
27 May 2018 20:26

She's been letting it grow for 5 or 6 months now, she's probably going for the world record at this point haha.

Step One
Reviewer: matjojo (Signed)
27 May 2018 15:49

yeah you are back again! Good to see you couldn't help but include some more safida even if via kinda cheat-y ways, I'm certainly not complaining;) I hope that several weeks of rest have helped you find a god flow to work tirelessly like you always did. As much as you seem to have this story all under control I have found myself having forgotten whether or not Rapunzel has cut her hair to short just over ear length or longer style, do you mind reminding me?

as always keep up the great work I love it!

Author's Response:

She's been letting it grow for

Step One
Reviewer: Katarr (Signed)
08 May 2018 20:41

So, it finally happened!  It was pretty much everything I excepted except for one thing, which was the timing.  It seemed to me that Anna and Punzie jumped into some pretty intense waters right off the bat.  It absolutly fit their relationship, but I kind of expected Anna to get to that point a little slower.  Instead, they are breaking the Tardis!  For shame!

Elsa's anticipation and reaction was great, but her little comment at the end was priceless.  I have no doubt that will actually be a thing at some point.  Now that Anna and Punzie have made the leap, it seems like there are only two (?) more hurdles to clear here.  While A&P's first time was wild crazy, I feel like Anna and Elsa will have a much more subdued and romantic encounter.  After that?  Well, I kind of see some more kink before we get anywhere near this point:

On a serious note - take the time!  You may be a writing machine, but the highest performing machines always get plenty of downtime and preventative maintenance.  Take the break, come back and kick ass!



Author's Response:

ha, yep...punzie and anna were at the same place at the same time...and off to the races X)

more and more Anna strikes me as the kind of person who naturally thrives with a lot on her plate. 

nail on the head with the first elsanna encounter...if all goes well look for that in November ;)

I Wonder If
Reviewer: matjojo (Signed)
05 May 2018 15:13

man oh man what a chapter. I must ask though, is the present from Anna a real thing that we'll see next chapter or is it more like an innuendo:)

Also sorry for not reviewing the last couple chapters, they where really long and they did deserve it. I've been and will be for about 4 weeks with the national exams. Keep up the good work!

Author's Response:

Oh it's a real thing haaa

So Beautiful
Reviewer: matjojo (Signed)
15 Apr 2018 22:55

AHHHHH! Larry's pov is so cute! I'm also really enjoying the more serious relationship building for the girls. It's key for any relationship and I find it really nice to read even whilst many authors gloss over these parts of relationships. Keep up the good work!

I Fell Down
Reviewer: Katarr (Signed)
26 Mar 2018 07:51

Frasier!?  We have definately entered the Twilight Zone now!  Actually...  using characters established in other media is a really simple way to give your audience a qucik read on exactly what that character is like - looks, personality, everything.  Neat trick.  On top of that, you managed to get a psychiatrist who has an established sibling to fit the story.  Brilliant! 

By the way, you can't call this a wrap up chapter if you don't address the elephant in the room... what did the girls say after being flashed by Anna at the end of the last chapter?  That would have been a fun conversation to overhear!

Summer Wrap-up Part 3
Reviewer: matjojo (Signed)
23 Mar 2018 18:02

I finally did it. After two weeks of reading every free and woken moment I am now feeling the feelings that the poor old bastards before have also felt when waiting for the next chapter. I'm already anxiously waiting;)


And the story: Wow. Just wow. The things you make me feel, the amount of times I have groaned loudly in bed, at my desk, in lunch between classes (risky reading this there:P) because I wanted Anna to just admit to her feelings already is astonishing. And still when she finally did it I was conflicted for you wouldn't make it that easy. Nonono.Anna is in deep shit, and I kinda love you got it because the only thing that would make me hurt more would be this story ending. I'm obviously still loving the story and am really happy the girls are finally together.


love you, matjojo

Author's Response:


And now that they are together, time for me to shamelessly write about their happy times. And maybe ther said times.


Summer Wrap-up Part One
Reviewer: Katarr (Signed)
20 Mar 2018 13:21

Reading this is like watching ensemble television getting ready to do the fall finale.  Nice attention to all the various detail.  The only one that really surprised me was Giorgia... more raw talent then Saff?  Sacrilage!

(Oh, I hope you remember to catch the rest of the gang in Part 2 - an Assami update would be nice, plus I am sure that Kristoff has major new work lined up for he and Elsa.)

Author's Response:

Hey you, stop looking at my Google Docs outline, haha. ;D


And yeah, when I do time skips of more than a few weeks I will probably do them in this way, just Snippets of important scenes showing transitions that I want to be in place for after the timeskip happens.

Summer Wrap-up Part One
Reviewer: Katarr (Signed)
17 Mar 2018 23:04

Just fucking brilliant!  I absolutely love how you are tying all of the older plt elements into the story.  This was a great use of a previous character in an unexepected way.  This story continues to be top notch.

Love You, Doc
Reviewer: Katarr (Signed)
17 Mar 2018 23:02

Wow.  Talk about piling on.  I really hope that this doesn't throw Anna off her recovery.

A Visit with Giorgia and Co.
Reviewer: Katarr (Signed)
17 Mar 2018 23:00


Okay, seriously, I thought that I had won an internal bet with myself as to who sleeps with Anna first, but that was only close, and definately not enough to call it a win.

Author's Response:

I actually had a plot line where they were going to be getting really frustrated with each other and have it culminate in Clumsy Earnest frustrated sex in the vineyard, haha. Yeah, no winner on that bet yet but I'm sure we can see who has the odds

Good For Me
Reviewer: Katarr (Signed)
17 Mar 2018 22:53

Argghhh!  You are so killing me here!  Basically, you just put Merida and Saffron on hold for a year.  A whole frelling year!  I mean, I totally get why, especially since Saff hasn't turned eighteen yet, but it kind of leaves that entire sub-plot in limbo.  Of course, considering the depth of this story, there may still be a couple of story years left to go.

Having said that, it would surprise me at all if you manage to work Saff's battle with her bipolar condition into the story.  I have no idea the life you've lived to have such deep background on so many subjects, but it's either that or you are one hell of a researcher.  Regardless, it really, really adds so much depth to your story telling.  Mondo kudos! 

Author's Response:

Yeah I did kind of leave it vague as to exactly what Merida and saffron talked about, I hope in the end it was at least clear that they were able to be brutally honest with each other. Saffron understood why Merida felt they need that time apart, age being the primary issue but not the only one. And Merida understands why saffron came to her first and at all after the hospital. They're both sort of keeping each other honest and hopefully setting up for a tearful and smoochie re Union next year haha. I really can't wait and expect many words for that chapter LOL

Next Summer
Reviewer: Strasza (Signed)
31 Oct 2017 21:21

Now that Anna realizes how much she's loved, when will she get together with Elsa and Punzie? and will Kinda be a part of that relationship still, or will she call it off with Punzie?

Author's Response:

*is the latest late to ever late late late reply*


well okay the first question has resolved itself, haa. but Kida and Punzie aren't really defined. Good friends who, if they're in the same area and want to connect, they do

Second Leg
Reviewer: Katarr (Signed)
26 Sep 2017 13:57

OMG!!!  It must be Christmas!  I thought we'd have to wait until Nov 1 for the Big Reveal.  Instead, we get this gem. It may have been one of your shortest chapters, but it's powerful.  Elsa and Rapunzel now know that Anna loves them.  I know it's only the start, but what a huge point in the story.  Great as usual....Thanks for the gift!!!

Author's Response:


yeah, I'm pretty worn out, but really wanted to have them all confess before going on my writing break. because, honestly, confessions are blatant honesty and a whole lot of stunned crying

it's the lookinng back they'll do next chapter as they realize 'oh my god, that really happened'

then they do what they're so bad at doing: talk it out, try to explain just what I love you means to them and for the others


I don't even want them to have to say the *words* on November 1st. I want that done. I want them to be loving and learning and doing it messily from minute one.

Don't Leave
Reviewer: Katarr (Signed)
21 Sep 2017 12:29

November 1??!!  Argh!!!!  Your killing me!  The only saving grace here is knowing what we are waiting for.   Not only does it look like the girls will get to ALL be together, but you are bringing the relationship into the open.  How that is remains to be seen, but the little plot twist with Saffron makes it pretty intense.  No way she keeps it from Merida.  How Merida reacts will be interesting, but she is on the edges of an unconventional relationship herself.  Even if she resists it, she will eventually realize that she is falling for Saf and can't do a damn thing about it.  Great job having her turn on bad ass protector mode by the way.

Anyway, back to Nov 1...  with a wait that long, I expect to see some world class clearing of the air, revealing of secrets and a lot of healing, followed by some serious romance and naughty smut.   Not an easy task, but I am confident that you've totally got it.

As always, one of my favorite reads... see you in November!   Oh, I forgot one thing... this story cannot end unless you either

  • Finish the Korrasami sub-plot.
  • Spin it off into it's own 200 chapter story with guest appearances from our favorite trio.

Author's Response:

Aw, your reviews always make me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

World class clearing of the air, revealing of secrets, and a lot of healing...sounds about right. <3

Definitely towards the end of their trip, when Anna starts to get a little more confident in her part of the relationship...serious romance. Naughty smut...well it depends on which couple you're referring to. ;D

A number of things will happen when the nerds are on their trip, and I'll be dropping those in at certain points. Korrasami getting together and being quite precious is a big one, as is Safida development of some kind.

Who knows what all will happen?! <3

You're Okay
Reviewer: Akudi (Signed)
20 Sep 2017 19:58

Uh. Uh.. Uh...
I can't handle this anymore. Did it really taking Anna nearly dying for them to finally be real with each other?! And now Saffron (possibly Merida) knows too!? Good lord. I'm gonna be going out of my mind waiting a month for this. What an end to an arc.

Author's Response:

All throughout the story I've been preaching how important balances between drama and fluff. November is going to balance the scales in a very real way



You're Okay
Reviewer: Akudi (Signed)
13 Sep 2017 15:07

Uh... Oh boy. That was a twist I've been bloody waiting for!!!!! FINALLY!!! A person who doesn't consent to her drug addiction has taken notice (I don't care if Audrey doesn't understand how bad it is, she still went with and partook in it! SHAME!)! I have no idea what this means, but hopefully Anna can be off that garbage and not have that inhibitor to her emotions anymore. ...Right after, she deals with moving in (fingers crossed). When the last chapter began, I honestly thought Larry was dead, lol. *Phew*

Empty Bottles
Reviewer: Katarr (Signed)
06 Sep 2017 15:51

Best. Chapter. Yet.

Not sure why, but I just loved this part of the story.  Not only does it feel like it is all coming together, but the Larry back-story was great.  Now my only hope is that Elsa and Punzie make sure that Anna ends up living with them, not Audrey.  Once Anna gets a feel for what that is like, maybe the walls can (ccidently on purpose) come down. 

Reviewer: Katarr (Signed)
27 Jul 2017 08:05

Mixed feelings on this chapter....

It seems like we are starting to turn a corner here and get to a point where Anna can start to improve her relationship with Elsa and Punzie.  I hope so, because depressed Anna is really starting to weigh heavy.  On the other hand, I'm not sure she can really make the turn until she hits rock bottom and I don't think we are there yet.  The angst factor keeps ratcheting up and it be nice to have some more fluff soon.

On a positive note, I loved your description of the first time Anna kissed Elsa.  It very much reminded me of one of my favorite Elsanna one-shots, Technicolor by J. Peterson.  I don't know if that was on purpose or not, but it was pretty freaking awesome regardless.

Also, I was a little surprised that Korra had to teach Anna how to throw a proper punch.  I remembered that early in the story you established she had some martial arts training.  I had to go waaaaaay back to look it up.  Turns out that it was only judo lessons as a kid, so maybe not so much with punching.  I was just happy to see that it was Korra training her, although it would have been a great opportunity for another Asami cameo (sigh, I can only hope).

On a side note - thanks for your regular updates.  It really, really makes my day to see a new one!




Author's Response:

Yeah, if I remember right Judo is more about throws and maybe disabling defensively? The punching form that their mom taught Anna came back to her pretty quickly after Korra showed her one way.

Reviewer: Katarr (Signed)
24 Jul 2017 22:19

So this will probably make no sense, but this was an oddly chaotic chapter.  That's probably the wrong word; it seems too negative when in fact it wasn't.  Still, there was definetely something different, possibly in the pacing.  It seemed like a lot was happening all at once double-time, which is kind of unusual in this story.  I actually thought I had missed a chapter and had to go back and look... Ana and Audrey are suddenly a thing and we seemed to have skipped right over the final gym test, which was surprising.  

Two major surprises in this chapter.  I didn't think that Elsa would be quite so accepting of Kida, especially moving in.  I also did not expect Merida to ask Saf to cool her jets, but she did the adult thing, so good for her.  It was my favorite part of the chapter.

Author's Response:

Yeah...that inconsistent pacing, haha. When a writer rarely uses time skips, then suddenly starts skipping several days or even a week or two, I guess it can be pretty jarring. As always, if I do want to fill in those empty spaces, I can either do it in the form of a flashback for an appropriate reason, or (thanks to the lovely chapter reshuffling feature), I could just write a whole chapter or three and insert them into the story covering skipped events! XD


Course if I did that I'd totally let readers know of the new, 'inserted' material, haha.


Yeah, Anna and Audrey will get some more development and maybe a little more backstory, but the fact remains that they are sort of f*** buddies...and they're okay with that. They might not pry too deeply into each others' lives, not because they want to avoid that, but just because it doesn't seem necessary.


(also, not going to lie, I'm really getting worn down and, um...depressed by Anna here, haha. I'm trying to do the different 'events' I have planned justice leading up to the 'big reveal', but at the same time...I really want to get there. I want Anna to turn that corner and start to rebuild herself in a healthy way with the help of her girls, and if it means I have to flesh out a few places I skimp on here with flashbacks later, I just may do that)

also, yeah, Elsa is accepting of Kida. but to be fair, both she and Rapunzel really feel like something (someone) is missing from their lives recently. ahhh, girls!




and yeah, safida makes my guts feel all twisty and swell. next chappie will feature Anna indulging Saf in some 'girl talk' that will hopefully be fairly...enlightening. for both of them, haha. look forward to it!

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