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[Sailor Moon] Usagi Tsukino is just about the most unassuming bisexual of all time. So unassuming she has no idea herself. This is a series of one-shots showing what it would be like if she fell in love with each of the Inner Senshi (plus Naru and some other bonuses). Fluffy enough to fill a dakimakura!

(AKA, The Many Lives/Wives Of Usagi Tsukino)

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Published: 13 Dec 2017 Updated: 18 Dec 2017
Story Notes:

WARNING: Sailor Moon and related characters ©Naoko Takeuchi. Story/plot © me! Mostly based on the first season of the original anime (esp. Rei's personality), also the manga/Crystal. Rated T for some light sensuality and language.

This is a series of five fluffy oneshots, plus a bonus sixth chap. Enjoy! See below for more notes.

1. Act 1: Ami: Solve For Why? by forkanna [Reviews - 0] (5474 words)

2. Act 2. Rei: Royally Steamed by forkanna [Reviews - 0] (6067 words)

The Forkannukah celebration continues! I'm really determined not to slide on this; I want to put up a chapter a day of this SM fic until it's done!

Also, this chapter borders on NSFW (but isn't really).

3. Act 3. Naru: Moving On by forkanna [Reviews - 0] (6998 words)

Thanks for your reviews, I'm glad you guys seem to be enjoying! Forkannukkah will keep chugging along!

WARNING: Themes of depression and underage drinking. Also, Naru is "Molly" for those who grew up with the old DiC dub. (Similarly, next chapter "Makoto" is "Lita" from the DiC dub. I probably don't have to tell you this but... better than help when not needed than not help when needed!)

4. Act 4. Makoto: The Housewife Is A Husband by forkanna [Reviews - 0] (6199 words)

Forkannukkah continues! So my biggest challenge with this one-shot was not to spend more time on it than the others because (spoiler) Makoto is my favourite Senshi. It's by a very thin margin because I love them all so much, but I just adore this gentle Amazon! But I forced myself to write a story of similar length and passion instead of putting all my focus on Jupiter. Hope you guys like it!

5. Act 5: Minako: What's In A Codename? by forkanna [Reviews - 0] (7630 words)

This is the last of the main oneshots! Minako and Usagi's story turned out very slightly longer than the others on accident, but it was purely a factor of not being able to wrap up the storyline it created as quickly. (Also, because the other senshi were all packed into the beginning bit, which made it a little longer haha). Definitely had nothing to do with my love of this or that ship more or less than any others.

What did you think? There's still my little bonus chapter to go, but I hope you all dug the storylines! Maybe someday in the future I'll try something like this again with a different fandom! The sky's the limit!

6. NG/Outtakes by forkanna [Reviews - 0] (5220 words)

So this fic was a loooooong time coming. Sailor Moon was my first anime, waaaaaay back when there were maybe three anime on TV at all, and one that remains extremely dear to my heart. As with so many of my faves, I always feel a little gunshy about attempting fic in that genre, which is why it's taken me until now to take a walk through the Moon Kingdom. It was very satisfying in many ways.

These outtakes were a lot of fun – this whole fic was! Thanks to all the reviewers again (especially those who also love Makoto - thank you for the validation)! Hope you guys liked it, and liked celebrating Hanukkah with me! Stay tuned for Yule, and eventually Christmas!