Skin Changer

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Anna has a solution to getting bothersome boys off Elsa's back. Elsa's not so sure it's a good idea, so Anna has to convince her.

Categories: Modern AU, Shorts; Characters: Anna, Elsa; Angst Level: None
Fluff Level: None
Genre: Dating, Fantasy, General
Incest: Maybe
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Published: 21 Mar 2018 Updated: 21 Mar 2018

1. Playing Pretend by CanITellUSmThin [Reviews - 1] starstarstar (1707 words)

Prompt: Real talk, if any of you guys need me to be your fake gf/bf because you got some creep talking to you, l know. I got you. I’ll make myself look hot and be all lovey and intimidating so they can hop off.