Skin Changer

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Anna couldn't contain the giggle as she read another article in "The Thaw Times" she had taken from Kristoff. This one was about a dress her sister had worn two weeks ago. It had been deep purple, sleeveless, with a sweetheart neckline, clinched waist, and a small train. The sisters had gone to a showing of a traveling opera that Anna couldn't remember. She found she wasn't fond of opera, but Elsa was and that was enough for her to grit her teeth and go. The dress her sister wore was an added bonus. A night ignoring singing and secretly admiring her companion made for a wonderful evening.

She was more blatant with her affections than she thought if the observations in the article about her "moony eyes" and "blushing sighs" were any indication.

"The Thaw Times" was fun to read. It had articles about sightings of the two, poetry, letters from various citizens, and even some fictional stories about them. The stories freaked her out at first, until Anna kept reading them. Now she couldn't get enough. Kristoff was just going to have to give her the back copies so she could catch up on a couple of serials in the paper.


"ELSA!" The redhead quickly stuffed the paper under her pillow. "Hi! What are you doing here?"

Elsa laughed softly as she watched her sister scrambled up from her comfortable lounging on her bed. Stunning would only be the start of how she would describe her younger sister. Though to be honest, with the years of separation between them it was hard to think of Anna as her sibling.

"What were you reading?" Elsa asked, not really caring about the answer. She still enjoyed being able to have an actual conversation with her, it didn't matter that it had already been a year of open gates.

"Nothing! Just something Kristoff gave me. Boring stuff." Anna hurried over to her sister. Stepping into Elsa's waiting arms for a hug, love and belonging filled her while she held her sister close. Anna nuzzled Elsa's neck,the blonde even smelled good.

Closing her eyes, Elsa sighed as she held her sister. The feeling of being in Anna's arms made the time spent staying up late to finish the affairs of the kingdom worth it, allowing her free time to spend with Anna. Staying here in this moment sounded perfect.

"Oh, I got a present for you!" Anna let go of her sister and bounced over to her dresser.

"A present?" Elsa was surprised. "What ever for?"

"No reason. I saw it and thought of you." Anna bounced back over to her sister. The happiness in being in Elsa's company seemed to translate in Anna bouncing about like a demented rabbit most of the time, but she couldn't help it and had no intention of stopping. After handing over the box to Elsa, Anna began to wring her hands.

"This box is beautiful." It truly was and Elsa loved it. The design was perfect, the snowflake on top reminded her of the one in her Ice Palace on the North Mountain. She missed her Ice Palace, her first real controlled display of her powers. But it no longer felt like the sanctuary it once was. Having her sister back and the acceptance of her kingdom made it unnecessary, though they did visit it every once in a while. Though Kristoff seemed to be the one most excited about going most times.

"Open it." Anna couldn't stop wringing her hands nervously.

The blonde opened the box and pulled out the silver hair comb.

"I was right." Anna couldn't stop the big smile from taking over. She gently took the comb from her sister and nestled it in platinum blonde hair. Tucking a few stray blonde hairs behind Elsa's ear, Anna stared into the sparkling blue in front of her. "It matches your eyes" she whispered.

For several long moments Elsa couldn't breath, the loving gaze directed at her was all she could see. The warm hand on her cheek pulling away snapped Elsa out of her trance. Blushing, she stepped back to put some distance between them. Last thing she wanted was her feelings to get away from her and scare her sister away forever. A cool breeze was the only outward sign of her distress.

Anna did her best to ignore the butterflies in her stomach at Elsa's look. For months now she had been telling herself to ignore her feelings, that her sister was her sister. Nothing else. Nothing else could happen. She did not have those kind of feelings for Elsa. But now...

The redhead watched her sister blush and back away. Anna looked over to her bed where 'The Thaw Times' was hiding. Maybe things weren't as hopeless as she originally thought.

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