Skin Changer

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Two days after giving Elsa the silver comb, Anna was reading one of the back issues of 'The Thaw Times' she had Kristoff bring over, when an article caught her interest.

"Five Signs of Queen Elsa's Feelings." Anna read the title aloud in her room. The article itself read as a checklist.

She put down the paper, her mind racing.

"Sign One: It has been noticed that our beloved Queen Elsa does not tolerate anyone in her personal space. Ever. Unless you're talking about Princess Anna. Then the Queen can't get close enough."

Knock knock knock-knock knock.

"You don't have to knock Anna" Elsa called from inside the library.

A large smile in place, Anna walked over to the comfortable couch. "Are you busy?" She could guess the answer already by the pile of papers on her sister's lap.

"Very." Elsa sighed and held up her stack of papers. "The ambassador of Landren is visiting. Apparently some of the aristocrats there are still a bit offended about an incident that happened a couple of months ago. Any idea what that is about?"

"Uh, not a clue." Anna would have blushed if she wasn't silently fuming at the remembered words of the Duke. That duel was starting to sound like a good idea again.

Elsa chuckled. "Did you need something?"

"Not really, I just wanted to spend some time with you." Anna pulled out a book she had started last week from a bookshelf and sat down on the opposite end of the couch.

"I am probably going to be up late reading-"

"That's fine." Anna turned and caught Elsa's eyes. "I just want to be with you."

"Oh." Elsa smiled.

Silently, Anna opened her book to a chapter she'd already gone over and pretended to read.

Page two and Elsa was fidgeting. Normally the two would cuddle when reading. This felt strange.

Page four and Elsa scooted halfway across the couch.

Page five and Elsa was now next to her sister.

Page eight and Elsa leaned against Anna with a happy sigh, cuddling while reading boring trade documents.

Anna couldn't keep the grin off her face as she wrapped an arm around her sister's shoulders.

Sign One, check.

"Sign Two: When the Queen has been seen to dine with her sister, she can't keep her eyes off the Princesses lips. Staff and patrons at "Royal Court" restaurant, where the royal family eats after performances, can attest this happens every time."

The plan had been to have breakfast and lunch with her sister that day, but with the ambassador of Landren visiting, the blonde had been busy making nice and getting her own ambassador on equal footing in negotiations. The two ambassadors were currently at the 'Royal Court' on a business dinner and Elsa had just been able to get out of going by claiming to be exhausted. She was tired. Just tired of them and the political double talk. Now she just wanted a good dinner and time with Anna. Which is why she was hiding in the small private dining room rather than the main hall, waiting for her sister.

"Hey Elsa!" Anna waltzed in, ready to try out sign number two. She was looking forward to it after last nights cuddle fest.

"Good evening, Anna, it's nice to see a friendly face," Elsa smiled tiredly.

"That bad?" The concerned redhead sat across from her sister at the small table.

"If you ever challenge someone to a duel again, I will personally drag you to the dueling field," Elsa glared playfully at her sister, though she was more annoyed than truly upset.

"I will take up my fencing lessons again."

The blonde stilled as the image of Anna in breeches brandishing a rapier appeared in her minds eye.

"Your Majesty?" Two male servers hovered by the table with a trays of food.

"Please." Elsa snapped out of her daydream and motioned for the servers to plate the food which they did with swift practice and left the room. "How was your day?"

"Busy. Kai gave me a copy of a bunch of papers Mom used to plan Balls with. I've been going over those." Anna decided to try out Sign Number Two.

"If you need any help with planning..." Elsa's voice trailed off. "Oh."

Having finished stirring honey into her tea, Anna brought the spoon to her mouth and was slowly licking it clean. "Mmmm." Doing her best to not grin, she watched Elsa as her cheeks turned pink.

"How do you like it?" Anna asked.

"What?" Elsa's eyes widened in panic, certain she was caught staring.

"Dinner?" Anna motioned innocently to the food. "How do you like it?"

"Oh! It's delicious." The blonde quickly took a bite.

Spearing a small piece of roasted potato, Anna brought it up to her mouth and chewed slowly then licked her lips. She could swear a whimper came from the other side of the table.

"You should try these." She knew this was horribly cheesy, but the idea did came from a romance novel.

Anna slowly leaned over with another roasted potato on her fork, holding it out in front of her sister's mouth with a grin. Elsa's eyes were definitely not on her face. After the blonde took the potato, Anna sat back down in her chair, watching as Elsa's eyes followed the plunging neckline of the redhead's dress.

It took a few moments after Anna was seated in her chair before Elsa's eyes moved to her sister's face.

Anna smiled and raised her eyebrows.

"I-I have to go. There are papers I forgot to sign before tomorrow. I'll be right back." Blushing furiously, Elsa left her meal barely touched. Normally she was able to keep herself in check but some time to herself was needed to regain her composure.

As soon as the door closed Anna stood to twirl excitedly around the room, giggling. Mentally, she checked off Sign Three on the list, too.

"Sign Three: Princess Anna has a lovely figure and the Queen isn't immune to its charms."

"Sign Four: The Queen has a serious soft spot for her sister. Does the royal invitation to the famous chocolatier Ida Fiske ring any bells?"

Anna sat on Elsa's bed staring at the other end of the room, at sketches and paintings, most finished, though there was a scattering of half finished pieces. While she had taken to talking to the paintings and admiring them, Anna never had the patience to sit down and learn the skills. Her sister, however, found solace in the activity and had an obvious talent. Standing, Anna walked over to a painting she loved. The sisters had talked about this particular piece before. The snowy scene of the North Mountain and Ice Palace had taken Elsa eight months to finish. Turns out painting snow and ice after a lifetime of avoiding those two things in all aspects of her life made it difficult.

Anna picked up a sketch book and flipped through slowly, enjoying seeing things from Elsa's eyes. Closing it, she returned her attention to the painting. She was contemplating it so intently she never heard the door to the room open.

A hand was suddenly on her shoulder.

"AAAAHHHHH!" Anna screamed and the sketch book in her hand went flying over her head, across the room, and, once again, broke the vase on Elsa's dresser.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to startle you." Elsa did her best to stifle her laughter.

"You did that on purpose!" Anna glared at the shattered pieces on the floor. "Stupid vase."

Elsa couldn't hold back her laughter anymore. "Don't ever change, Anna," she said as she pulled her sister into a hug and flicked her wrist to restore the vase once again.

Anna melted into the embrace.

"Why were you staring at that painting?" Elsa pulled away still chuckling, but didn't let go entirely, keeping an arm around her sister.

"It's my favorite. The work you put into it and the fact that it's of your Ice Palace. It's where you finally let go. I love that place." Anna laid her head on her sister's shoulder. "It reminds me of you, grand and beautiful."

They were silent for a long while, enjoying the feel of each other and the art on the wall.

"Take it," Elsa whispered.

"What? But you love this painting." Anna was startled. Sign Four was supposed to be tomorrow morning and a last pastry or cookie. Not Elsa's prized painting.

"And I want it to go to someone who will love it just as much." Elsa placed a kiss on her sister's forehead. "Please take it."

"This is the second best gift I've ever gotten."


"The best was getting you back." Anna couldn't keep her eyes from filling with tears. Even if nothing more than just a close bond with her sister ever happened, she would be forever thankful to have this with Elsa.

Deciding it would be best to lighten the heavy mood, Elsa ruffled Anna's red hair. "Come on, it's time for dinner. There's chocolate cake for dessert."

"Really? Come on!" Anna grabbed the blonde's arm and pulled her out of the room, already having decided where to hang her new painting.

"Sign Five: Our Queen takes her royal duties very seriously and works diligently to keep our kingdom prosperous. Princess Anna is the only one who is able to get Queen Elsa to leave the castle and relax."

"Come on, Elsa!" Anna linked their arms together. "The fair started hours ago already."

The blonde laughed as her sister pulled her along the streets of Arendelle. The fair held at the end of every summer officially opened yesterday, an event Elsa performed as part of her royal duties. In a couple of more days the fair would end with her covering the royal courtyard with ice for the citizens to skate around to herald in the coming of winter.

There was a certain sweets booth Anna was excited to show Elsa. She stopped at the end of the lane near a group of food stalls and purchased something wrapped in wax paper.

"Try this!" Anna turned around fed Elsa a small piece.

"What is this?" Elsa peered into the wax paper the redhead had her hand. "Is there anymore?"

"They call it white chocolate and yes." Anna handed the bundle of wax paper to her sister and turned back around to buy one for herself.

"Mmm... it's delicious." Elsa said as she ate another piece.

The redhead turned to face her sister with her own pieces of white chocolate and laughed."You are such a mess." Anna reached out and gently wiped away the smudge of chocolate on her sister's cheek. "But you're my mess." She leaned in and placed a kiss on Elsa's cheek.

Ignoring flustered gaping of her sister, Anna intertwined their fingers and pulled a willing Elsa along to the game booths to play. Which they did. All day.

Anna grinned, in hand a copy of 'The Thaw Times' Kristoff had given her that afternoon fresh off the presses just two days after her outing with her sister. Earlier that day Elsa created a sheet of ice to close the end of summer fair and most of Arendelle was still out skating and laughing in the night. At the desk in her bedroom she opened up the paper and started reading.

"Please note that the views of the next few letters printed do NOT reflect the opinions of this paper or staff. These are being printed for the sole purpose of our readers to know what the opposing side believes."

Dear The Thaw Times,

Your paper is disgusting trash. The Queen and the Princess are SISTERS. You do realize this right? Anyone who believes these two would ever share any sort of romantic feelings are perverts.

-A Faithful Citizen of Arendelle

Dear Thaw Times,

Sisters? Really? You filth.

- C. Dalen

Dear Thaw Times,

They are sisters and this whole paper belongs in the garbage. Do you even have any siblings? Obviously not, or you wouldn ' t believe such a disgusting thing. Whenever I see one of these papers I will destroy it so no innocent people will be subject to such trash. If I meet any of you, beware.

- Elden

Anna dropped the paper on her desk in shock, not bothering to read the other letters and the hate spewing from the people who had written. Shaking, she sat back down staring at the lists that consisted of her naive plans of a romantic fairytale night to try and sweep Elsa off her feet. Balling them up, she threw the wad in the garbage.

"How stupid can I be?" Anna wiped the tears from her eyes angrily. There was no way she was going to put Elsa, or her reign, in danger with her stupid feelings. Picking up 'The Thaw Times,' she stuffed it in a drawer with the others, not bothering to read any more.

The sound of the slamming drawer was drowned out by Anna's sobs and dying hopes.

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