Skin Changer

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Anna slid on the polished wooden floor to a stop in front of the dining room almost overshooting the door. Being extremely late for breakfast with her sister was not how she planned to begin her day. The stories the night before had sent her imagination in overdrive and she found it very difficult to sleep. Running her hands down her dress to smooth out the wrinkles, she tried to prepare herself to face her sister with only minimal blushing.

"Good morning, Elsa!" Anna happily chirped, while taking a seat next to the blonde.

"Good morning, Sleepyhead," she laughingly replied.

"I had a late night." A pastry and a cheese sandwich made their way to her plate.

"What had you up so late?" Elsa inquired as she put down her papers to give her full attention to the young woman next to her.

Anna stopped mid bite at the memory of the images the stories had created in her mind.

"Anna?" Elsa was worried. Her sister wouldn't meet her eyes and she was turning a bright red. "Is everything alright?"

"Yes!" She needed something to distract the both of them. "Try this!" Anna held up a bit of pastry to Elsa's lips. "They're my favorite."

"They are all your favorite." Elsa smirked before taking the bit of food offered, her lips brushing the fingers holding the tasty morsel. "Mmm. This is delicious."

"I'm glad you like it," Anna murmured, entranced by her sister's rosy lips so close.

"I do", Elsa whispered, just as distracted. "Very much."

The redhead felt herself leaning in, so close to finding out if the lips in front of her were as soft as they were in her dreams.

Holding her breath, Elsa wasn't sure what was happening. All she could feel was the thick tension in the room and her heart pounding a fast beat. She couldn't do this, she couldn't force this on her sister. It wasn't right.

"Oh, I am so sorry Your Majesty, Princess. I didn't realize you were still in here." The young maid quickly backed out of the room and accidentally banged the door closed.

"Uh... I should get going," Anna squeaked. She leaned back and stood up. "Late start you know."

Elsa stood when her sister did. She had dawdled long enough this morning and needed to get to work. There were many political preparations to do before the winter ball in a month and a half. She kept her head down, unable to meet her sister's eyes.

"Time to go do Queenly things?" Anna bounced on her toes happily. After what just happened a new determination took hold of her. Things were going to change between the two of them. Or rather, Anna decided to be brave enough put her heart on the line and hope Elsa felt the same and wasn't just caught up in the moment.

Elsa smiled as she gathered the papers she had been reading. "Yes, it's time to do 'Queenly things.'"

"I'm going to double check the invitations before they go out today." Anna placed a hand on Elsa's cheek, leaned in, and placed a kiss on a cool cheek. "Have a good day at work." She placed another lingering kiss on a now pink cheek before turning away to leave, large smile in place and a pleased bounce to her step.

Something felt different about that goodbye, Elsa mused. It was more intimate than any other they had shared. Happier than she had been in a long time, Elsa walked to her study, ready to tackle the pile of papers on her desk. For the rest of the day she tried to keep the delight at getting closer to her sister in the forefront of her thoughts and her inappropriate actions away from spoiling such a lovely morning.

It didn't take long for Anna to approve the final invitations, they had been gone over several times over the last two weeks by herself and Kai. After a long talk with Elsa and the Queen's advisors, it had been decided to extend invites to Weselton and the Southern Isles. Anna hadn't wanted to, still angry at what the two representatives tried to do to her sister, but she had been voted down. But that didn't stop her from ordering extra security.

Now the redhead was back in her room, pulling out the issue of 'The Thaw Times' she had started reading last night.

Dear Thaw Times,

I am genuinely horrified by the letters from last week. While I do understand and appreciate why they were printed, I hope to never see those kind of letters in this paper again. This has always been a place of hope and support for the Queen and her sister. We should remember that.

-A TRUE Citizen of Arendelle

Dear Dissenters,

Yes we know they are sisters. It doesn't bother us for one reason, love. We love our monarch and the princess. And if they really do love each other the way we supporters think they do, then good for them. Your shouting won't change things.

- Heidi Naas

Dear Times,

I wonder if those people remember their history. I bet they celebrate the Feast of Orton every year like the rest of us. You know, the beloved brother and sister who married each other and lead Arendelle to one the most prosperous and peaceful fifty years this country had ever seen? Their child continued leading this land and died on the battlefield protecting it, and their line continues to rule this kingdom. Move to another kingdom if it bothers you that much.

-Arendelle Historian

Dear Thaw Times,

If you people are that much against love, go away. We won't miss you. Our Queen and Princess are in love and there's nothing you can do about it. The real loyal citizens of Arendelle will support and protect them.

- Serving with Pride in the Royal Guard

Anna smiled and looked over the printed letters again. They did more than give her hope that the kingdom wouldn't revolt if she were to woo her sister, but that Elsa might actually return her feelings. The letters weren't why she had the paper out, though. There had been an article that caught her eye the previous evening. She would have read it then, but she had gotten distracted by those steamy stories.

It only took a few moments to find what she was looking for.

Opposing Side's New Move

Attention Readers! A reliable informant has given us some information on the actives of those opposing the romance between our Queen and Princess. Thankfully, the little one page pamphlet they tried to produce last week did so poorly that they have already closed shop.

While this should have been cause to celebrate, they have simply changed tactics. It was told to us that they want it to be known how many supporters they have so others will 'rethink their disgusting beliefs and change people's minds.'

What is their idea? Lapel pins. They are making pins for their supporters to wear and are going to try to pressure people into their way of thinking by showing how many of them there are. They will be round but that is all we know so far. They should be out on the street sometime after this printing.

This is, surprisingly, a good idea. Too bad it isn't an original one. The informant from the meeting they held told us it comes from a city near our capital here.

Time to make our own.

We are going to flood the capital city with support. You know who to talk to, they will soon have information on when ours will be ready. It is time to rally around our Queen and Princess.

"A pin?" Anna frowned. Tomorrow she was going to corner Kristoff and ask him some questions. Right now, though, it was time to start planning. The previous plans were already in the garbage, but they would have ended up there anyway after this new edition of 'The Thaw Times.' Those plans had been about keeping everything behind doors, secreted away so that no one would ever have an inkling anything happened.

Maybe that shouldn't be the case.

Anna wandered into the library looking for Kai. While making new plans, she had found one glaring flaw. Time. She needed to find out how easy it would be to change Elsa's schedule secretly and quickly.

"Kai!" Anna grinned.

"Yes, Princess Anna?" Kai pulled a book off the shelf the Queen had sent for him to fetch and returned the smile.

"If I wanted to plan something special for Elsa, a surprise for instance, how hard would it be to clear her schedule?" Anna tried to look innocent. She wasn't ready to tell Kai yet. It was important to find out who would support her first and those closest to her sister had to be carefully considered.

"A surprise?" Kai studied the young princess.


"What might this...surprise... be?" Kai's posture stiffened, his expression going blank.

"It's a surprise." Anna was startled. The long time servant was cold, so different from every other time she talked with him.

They stared at each other, one confused and the other not giving anything away.

"The Queen's schedule is set for a reason, it simply can't be changed on a whim," he said condescendingly.

Anna narrowed her eyes at him. She had a bad feeling which side he fell on.

"Mr. Sandvik," the Princess straightened, her normally friendly demeanor replaced by a more royal bearing. "Sometime soon I will require you to clear the Queen's afternoon schedule secretly and I expect my order to be obeyed. Is that understood?"

"Yes, Princess." Kai bowed.

Without her normal farewell, Princess Anna turned on her heel and left the room. Her thoughts were racing. Rattled from her confrontation with Kai, Anna went to her room to calm down.

Once the Princess was out the door, Kai let himself smile. Worries of how the redhead would react when confronted face to face with opposition were eased, no longer was she the girl at the coronation. He started to mentally change Elsa's schedule, deciding which meetings were too important to miss and prepared to have them moved to the mornings. He also needed to find Gerda and tell her it was time.

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