Skin Changer

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Elsa and Anna as Starfleet officers. Pretty much all you need as a summary for this, other than me wondering why I had Ensign Anaa putting tapioca pudding in her raktajino.

Categories: Crossover; Characters: Anna, Elsa; Angst Level: (2) Some
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Published: 10 Dec 2015 Updated: 10 Dec 2015
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Yet another one originally posted to the Elsannafervor blog! Had a lot of fun writing it; if you delve back through my archives, you'll see this isn't my first trek into Trek. Hopefully those of you who aren't fans will still enjoy the Elsanna fluffiness!

Anonymous said to elsannafervor: a star trek AU where elsa and anna are starfleet officers

Ooh, I'll take this; luckily you have a Trekkie amongst us admins! Let's put them both on an Ambassador-class vessel...

1. Chapter 1 by forkanna [Reviews - 0] (2023 words)

2. Chapter 2 by forkanna [Reviews - 0] (2438 words)

elsannaheadcanon said to elsannafervor: Okay, I apologize in advance: that Star Trek AU of yours has woken the long-dormant geek in me. I might have a few more things to throw your way. Just tell me when to shut up and I will.

LOL it's fine! In fact... I really enjoyed writing Elsa Chapel and Lwirri Anaa, as I am also a semi-dormant Trek geek. Think this calls for a sequel, don't you? Writing that one bit for the random anon was like... OMG GIMME MOAR! So now - seconds! We shall flash forward a year or two...