Skin Changer

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Anna Mayberry finally gets the chance to see her favourite pop singers, the internationally-acclaimed SEEK, in person! Especially her idol, Elsa - whom she worships beyond platonically. However, attempting to get an autograph after the show leads to a shift in Anna's life that she could not have predicted, even in her Wildest Dreams.

Categories: Modern AU; Characters: Anna, Belle, Elsa, Esmeralda, Kristoff, Mulan, Rapunzel, Snow White; Angst Level: (2) Some
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Published: 05 Jun 2016 Updated: 11 Jul 2016
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[[fruipit said to elsannafervor: Elsa in a pop girl band (think S.H.E.). Like, that's it. I just want to see Elsa dancing like that. Maybe Anna's in the crowd gawking at her and wishing she could dance and sing because she's just a poor little lesbian (the only lesbian) in her high school. And Elsa's the same age as her but she's /rich and /famous and could have anyone she wanted.]]

Well, I realy doubt she'd be the ONLY lesbian; maybe the only one who's out, haha. Anyway, let's see what happens when I start typing... ALSO, let me know if you like this one and I might do a follow-up!

[Note: the chapters are short because they originated from short Tumblr posts, I didn't intend for it to turn into a full-blown fic!]

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5. Chapter 5 by forkanna [Reviews - 0] (2101 words)

fruipit said to elsannafervor: my god elsa you are really bad at accepting help. like, seriously. i wonder what's wrong with her? She hasn't eaten, and in all likelihood, she hasn't told any of her bandmates what's up. Isn't she friends with these people? I'm curious about the (potential? upcoming?) romance just because there is a power imbalance between the two of them. But, I also know that you can (probably ;) ) solve it ^^;

Ohhh be careful with that phrase. "Power imbalance" implies it's concrete, like teacher/student or boss/employee. I agree that idol/superfan has a perceived imbalance, but it depends on how much credence both parties give it.

As far as being friends with the rest of SEEK... this IS Elsa. She's working with them and they are "friends", but that means different things to different people... you'll see eventually.

6. Chapter 6 by forkanna [Reviews - 0] (1789 words)

7. Chapter 7 by forkanna [Reviews - 0] (1887 words)

Thanks all you guys for the reviews, they've been great! This AU is coming to me very easily for some reason. I'm not going to try to make it too long, but because the chapters are on the short side, it might be upwards of 20, or even more than that. We'll just have to see!    

8. Chapter 8 by forkanna [Reviews - 0] (2134 words)

9. Chapter 9 by forkanna [Reviews - 0] (1854 words)

10. Chapter 10 by forkanna [Reviews - 0] (2424 words)

It occurs to me that people would probably be mortified if they saw how I write. I'm so sporadic, I mean, for I'm on their Google Doc, for books I use Scrivener, and for SEEK... I'm using Notepad. Literal, bare bones, no-formatting Windows Notepad. I'm a mess honestly lolllllll

Anyway, last chapter was the start of a big turning point for these two, and it's continuing into this one. Hope you enjoy meeting Mrs. Mayberry!

11. Chapter 11 by forkanna [Reviews - 0] (1986 words)

12. Chapter 12 by forkanna [Reviews - 0] (2035 words)

I'll keep this brief; I thought about not posting a new chapter today. But that's how terror and hate works, isn't it? Their goal is to destroy us and silence our voices. Odds are I wouldn't have been able to write today because I'm upset, but since this chapter had already been written, I'm posting it in honour of Pulse and the fabulous individuals who had every right to be there and be who they were. It's a very special chapter and oddly fitting that it's being posted after this tragedy, and you'll probably see why.    

13. Chapter 13 by forkanna [Reviews - 0] (1473 words)

14. Chapter 14 by forkanna [Reviews - 0] (1692 words)

15. Chapter 15 by forkanna [Reviews - 0] (1882 words)

16. Chapter 16 by forkanna [Reviews - 0] (2137 words)

Well, I would have updated earlier but I had some car trouble... strikes at the worst of times, it seems. Oh well!    

17. Chapter 17 by forkanna [Reviews - 0] (2460 words)

I'm off to the symphony tonight! Before I go, have some further adventures of our two favourite dorks.    

18. Chapter 18 by forkanna [Reviews - 0] (1748 words)

19. Chapter 19 by forkanna [Reviews - 0] (1579 words)

Sorry for the delay yesterday; I had to watch a dinosaur dance. I'll try not to let that come between us again!    

20. Chapter 20 by forkanna [Reviews - 0] (2073 words)

Holy crap, 20 parts?! I know they're short but when did I write THIS much of this thing?? Anyway, just so you know it's going for at least another 10 parts after this; there's a lot more story. Sorry to any of you who were thinking this would be a quick, brief AU and lost interest by this point... I'm just really, really bad at leaving things as one-shots, haha.

[Warning: brief nudity?]

21. Chapter 21 by forkanna [Reviews - 0] (1828 words)

22. Chapter 22 by forkanna [Reviews - 0] (2011 words)

Okay, so this is the first of the chapters with less Elsa. I promise she's not disappearing for very long at a time, and DEFINITELY never gone for good; I'm just hoping you'll bear with me through them and we'll all get to the other side together.    

23. Chapter 23 by forkanna [Reviews - 0] (2224 words)

24. Chapter 24 by forkanna [Reviews - 0] (1847 words)

So I apologise in advance if there's no update tomorrow; it's going to be Pride and my day will be hectic. Hopefully, I can still throw up the next chapter early or something!    

25. Chapter 25 by forkanna [Reviews - 0] (2066 words)

WARNING: NSFW, Mulanna. Please skip this chapter if you can't handle Mulanna content.

NOTE: Hey, look at that; made it home from Pride, safe and sound! And with plenty of time to spare for posting more SEEK! Hooray!

26. Chapter 26 by forkanna [Reviews - 0] (2070 words)

WARNING: drunkenness and vomit.    

27. Chapter 27 by forkanna [Reviews - 0] (3047 words)

So I want to take another moment to thank all of you guys for the positivity in the comments you've left along the way, thank you SO MUCH. Really gratifying to know that the aspects of storytelling which I kick my ass over are paying off!    

28. Chapter 28 by forkanna [Reviews - 0] (2413 words)

Well... let me put it this way: you guys should probably buckle up for this chapter, because it's going to be a bumpy ride!    

29. Chapter 29 by forkanna [Reviews - 0] (2770 words)

Warning: brief nudity, again. Plus another cliffhanger, I'm sorry!    

30. Chapter 30 by forkanna [Reviews - 0] (2970 words)

HAPPY CANADA DAY! In celebration, here's more adventures of CanadAnna Mayberry (I mean it's what I was going to post anyway, but it's a fun coincidence)    

31. Chapter 31 by forkanna [Reviews - 0] (2527 words)

32. Chapter 32 by forkanna [Reviews - 0] (2651 words)

Sorry for the late update; I was attending a social activity (I guess people still have those, lol). Home now, and hoping nobody minds that I couldn't get this one posted before midnight!    

33. Chapter 33 by forkanna [Reviews - 0] (2044 words)

HAPPY AMERICA DAY! (As a companion to "HAPPY CANADA DAY" from Friday lol)    

34. Chapter 34 by forkanna [Reviews - 0] (1958 words)

35. Chapter 35 by forkanna [Reviews - 0] (2464 words)

36. Chapter 36 by forkanna [Reviews - 0] (3475 words)

Sorry for the abrupt cutoff at the end of this chapter, but I sort of realised it was already getting really long and wasn't going to wind up fast enough. But don't worry, a new chapter tomorrow to wrap the scene up! As you can probably tell, there isn't much left to get done with this fic anyway. Just gonna tie some things up in a neat bow.    

37. Chapter 37 by forkanna [Reviews - 0] (1778 words)

38. Epilogue by forkanna [Reviews - 0] (3962 words)

I'm really, REALLY pleased all of you have liked a fic that came from a single prompt as much as you have. I got really attached to this AU as it went along; it's going to stay with me for a while. Honestly, I know that it's hard for some of you (with good reason) to see me as anything other than The Cake Fic Writer, and for this fic to have NO smut might have disappointed some of you. So thank you to those of you who went out on a limb and read it anyway, especially if you ended up enjoying it!

As for those of you who wanted a sequel and/or spinoff... it's being given serious consideration. It won't be fully focused on Elsanna, and WILL have smut, so I'll understand if most of you give it a miss. You'll have my friend Matey (just in case she doesn't want to be named, that's a nickname) to thank if it sees the light of day; a great deal of it was her idea in the first place.

Anyway, for the time being, I hope you enjoy the grand finale.