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Hello my name is Sammy. I love Elsanna to death and it is my OTP, my only OTP. I often write Elsanna fics and Rps with my friends Matty and Nona and a selection of them are availble here. Thank you for reading


Disclaimer: I do not own frozen, or any of it's characters or any other franchise or characters that appear in my fics. They are the property of the companies and invdividuals who own them. No copyright infringement is intended with my fics, just pure wholesome fun. 

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Series by Arendellecitizen

This is the story of Elsa and Anna, but not the Elsa and Anna you might be familiar with. In this universe, Elsa is an Arendellian, a human like alien whose homeworld was invaded by the evil Zetan Empire. She turned to becoming a smuggler to make ends meet with a new friend named Kristoff. One day a young girl named Anna stumbled onto her ship, the last of an ancient race known as the Knydaxians. The rest as they say was history, and it is this history that is presented in this collection. Hope you enjoy.

Parent Series: None; Categories: Other AU, Crossover; Characters: Almost Everyone; Angst Level: (4) Heavy
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Warnings: Major Character Death
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