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I'm Ariel, author-in-progress and fanfic writer by hobby. I'm horribly inconsistent with updating my works, as life tends to be a bit of an a-hole.  I started out writing fanfiction some 2 1/2 years ago, but I hit a snag in my writing after the first couple of months, and have since had to take time away from writing to get my head in order.  This obviously didn't work out too well, as I've only recently updated one of my in-progress works after a 2 year absence, but I'm trying.  Between severe depression, loss of purpose, and a suicide attempt, life hasn't been kind to me.

That being said, I am working on several fanfics as best I can, when I can.  I expect to have at least one more update for While I Sleep before I call it finished.  Other than that, the rest of my works are on hiatus until further notice.  

Stories by ArielBowden

Elsa has been suffering from horrible nightmares ever since the Great Thaw. At her sister's insistence, she agrees to take medicine to help her sleep. Only in that absolute surrender does Anna find the courage to explore the desire her sister has begun to evoke in her. (Elsanna, Icest, NSFW)

Categories: Canon Compliant; Characters: Anna, Elsa; Angst Level: (1) Minor
Fluff Level: (4) Goose Down
Genre: Romance
Incest: Yes
Sexual Content: (4) Explicit
Warnings: None
Chapters: 5 Table of Contents Series: None
Word count: 20146; Read Count: 589; Completed: No
Updated: 19 Jun 2017; Published: 19 Jun 2017