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So a little about me - My name's Honza. I am a 21 year old and rather short guy (got a cool beard though!).

I love music (adore the stuff), especialy symphonic metal, also video games (especialy open world RPGs and strategies), movies and TV shows and spending time with my friends!

Sometime during 2015 I have discovered Frozen (yeah, two years late but better late than never) and there is no exaduration in saying that it changed my life. And for the better. I started to read more (not only fanfiction), take on productive and creative hobbies, found more friends and improved my relationship with my current ones and even discovered and reassured myself in my sexuality.

After several months of reading elsanna fanfics and thinking I began writing my very first story and I never imagined it would not only go so well. I found genuine passion for it and let it grow into such proportions.

Winter Flower is not a story I can tell in a year maybe not even in two the story is had become too big for me to contain it in mere two hundred thousand words of text. Maybe doubling that will be enough but I will have to see. The core of the story is set in stone the only thing that I shape is as I slowly lay it down on paper/docx. This story won't die until it's finished - I swear.

Ok I may have gone a little overly dramatic there but other than that - that's me!

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Anna was just a simple commoner, but her life took an unexpected turn when none other than the Queen herself showed up in the little bookshop she worked at.

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